Oh hello… Sorry I went missing there. I went up to the Bay Area and did a ten day stitching intensive with the Royal School of Needlework from the UK. Yeah, the Royal School. It was great, and weird, and I learned a lot, but felt like a fish out of water… I did natural silk shading, which is done one strand at a time with a very very small needle. Here’s what I made over the course of ten days:

Now I’m back in LA, a bit rested – I know it’s just stitching, but really, it’s exhausting –  and I’ve finally finally restocked the store!

What? Yep. And this here is a soft launch of my new line.  Here’s what I’ve decided to do: there’s eight pillows available, and each of them is limited to a run of 25. When they’re gone, they’re gone, and I’ll move on to the next batch; no worries, I’ve got plenty of designs in store…