I recently dealt with helping my (crazy) mother clean out some storage spaces… let’s just say, “oh my god, hoarder,” and move on, but in moving on, I’ve had to take a look at my own tendencies.  Nothing on the level of the show Hoarders, or even the level of my mom, but she did teach me to “buy one in every color if you like something,” which is sickness.

I’ve begun the clean out. I’m taking it easy, going slowly around the apartment, and will be donating to charity and selling stuff on ebay.  First up, a collection of vintage pantyhose.  I live in LA, where I rarely wear hosiery, and no one needs twenty pair of nude hose – hose mind you, that need garters, not stockings.  I mean, of course I have garters, but really, I kept a few pair – okay, a few few – but I’m getting rid of the rest.  The thing that I really find myself loving about them, is the old packaging.  Here are some of my favorites: