I had an amazing time in Philadelphia! It was super fast, but super fun.  I keep saying it, but I’m blown away by the people who turned out to see and support me.  I’m truly moved and grateful for the love and friendship you all show me.

It was amazing.  My best girl came down for the day from NYC, as did my Dad, Step-Mother, and Aunt.  A great friend and his wife and daughter drove from DC!!  Another friend rode his motorcycle 2hrs from upstate NY to come.  Lovely girl friends from High School turned up (I went to school for a couple years near Philly).  And some wonderful friends of my father’s who live in the neighborhood.  And I met new artists and saw others that I know… Really, I’m just so grateful.  And then we all went out for a lovely meal.

Sadly I’m a jerk and took very few photos.  Here’s a the few I’ve got.

My piece done in collaboration with Erin Endicott.

Saying, “thanks for coming,” to Scott Rott.

Finally, the first thing I saw in Philly.

Go to Schindermania!