So little to do, so much time to do it in… Wait, strike that, reverse it.

Man, this year is flying!  The summer is fast approaching, and with it, “Home is Where the Needle Marks,”  the art show I’m curating!  Wow!  In conjunction with the show, we’re going to be hosting some Yarn Bombing events, over at Pop tART gallery.  Lion Brand Yarn is sponsoring, so we’ll have yarn, needles, sunshine, music…  and then we’ll wrap the hell out of the areas where the show is being held.  The stitch-ins, so to speak, will be the last two Saturdays of May and the first Saturday of June.  I’ll post more details as the dates get closer, but if you’re into it, put it in your book now.  We’d love any and all help!

image via Bubblegumpost