What a jerk I am.  I do all sorts of cool things that I mean to share, and then I get so busy, and time goes by and I wonder if it’s even relevant any longer, but to hell with that!

Last Tues, April 17, I was so honored to participate in Jenny Hart‘s Concept to Collaboration at UCLA’s Fowler Museum, a fabulous and fun art work. It’s a large piece orchestrated by Jenny, but created by many hands.  The event was part of the Fowler’s end of year party for their students.

When the students entered the room they were directed to a box full of words and a box full of writing styles (eg: all caps or backwards) and picked one from each.  They then wrote that word in that style on a piece of linen, to be stitched.  There were “stable stitchers,” myself and others Jenny had invited to participate (though I debated how stable  some of us are), and room for students to join in and stitch as well.  The words will be assembled to form a piece of undisclosed prose, and will be unveiled at the Fowler on the evening of May 31st.

Aside from being excited to participate in such a great art event, I had a blast!! Stitchy friends from up and down the coast were in attendance and a fab, giggly time was had by all.  It was so lovely to be in a room full of happy, stitching people, sharing in a communal act of creation.