Last weekend was wonderful!  I had my opening at The Hive, my aunt came to town, two pieces sold in pre-sale, and many people that I just adore came down to say hi and show support.  Really, it’s a bit of a blur.  I remember saying hello to people, hugging them, then saying good bye to them and that I wish I’d had more time to chat.  I spent a lot of time watching people interact with my work, which just slays me.   People walk up look, double take, giggle, call their friends over, giggle.. it gives me great joy.

Here’s a few photos:


artist in motion

me and my kid bother

a bunch of schindermans

Thanks so much again to everyone who came.  Tomorrow night is Downtown Artwalk, and I will be at the Hive all evening.  If you’re around and feel like seeing some arts, come by and be sure to say hello!