Last night was so so much fun! Thanks to all who came out. Here’s some photos of the art, the room, the nice peoples…

some of the works

another view

moving along the wall

farther along

I will get pictures of the other side of the gallery on Thursday!

various cross-stitches by Robert Marbury

“Untitled’ by Tod Hensley

Make Yourself at Home (the City) by Joy Ude

Bear 1.2.1 (hanging)by Brian Schetzsle

A Fucking Cake. by Alaina Verrone

And some lovely people were there… but, I don’t take enough photos. More later this week!

artists Brian Schetzsle and Mark Bieraugel chat.

cocktailers enjoying the art.

Again, I never take enough photos, but I promise to post more after Thursday’s art walk!  And next Saturday is the second half of the show, opening at Pop tART Gallery!!