Life has been so so busy, I’m sorry I haven’t shared.  It’s all been pretty wonderful – or better, even.

The Bleicher opening was super fun; it’s always great to show somewhere new.  I love meeting new artists and curators and such, and the audience for each gallery and show is always different, so fun and interesting!

I’m hard at work on my piece for Crazy for Cult New York!! Wow, this year is flying by! I’m so excited to show in NYC again, and have all my East Coast pallies come out and play!  I’m making another over-sized cross stitch, no images I want to share yet, but it’s going to be a portrait of Little Edie!!!

And, continuing the theme of “I’m the luckiest girl in the world,” I had a pretty amazing experience this past week – seeing Amanda Palmer in private concert for about 90 people in the courtyard of Pop tART.  It was beyond.  She is truly an artist.  And so very gracious.  So that’s the second part of this experience for me, I was introduced to her.  Which is great I’m a fan, and that’s nice and all, but I realized later that because she’s married to Neil Gaiman, she knew Diana Wynne Jones (Neil Gaiman was very close to her).

Diana Wynne Jones has been my favorite author since 1982.  She passed away last year.  In some ways she has been one of the most important and consistent people in my life for the past 30 years.  I have read every book she’s written at least twice.  I still mourn her death.

And I met someone who knew her.

I don’t really care much about celebrity; growing up in NY and living in LA you’re kind of surrounded by it.  This is different.  I never considered being this close to someone who meant so much to me.  It has effected me very deeply.

Anyway… the show, as previously stated, was beyond.  Not only did Amanda Fucking Palmer kick ass, but I was introduced to the music of Die Roten Punkte and Jherek Bishoff (the sirens harmonized and added to the magic; amazing!).  Enjoy!