So much good art to see in LA right now, but hurry hurry, I was out of town and only got around to this show now, and it’s closing soon. Hurry, hurry!

Yu Cotton-well (one of the artists from Home is Where the Needle Marks) has a wonderful solo show, “I’m Home,” at Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N. Avenue 50, Highland Park, CA 90042.  It’s super! Her work is so beautiful and whimsical, and all around amazing.  Here’s a couple of highlights:

This slip (which fits the artist) has plants growing out of it! Each plant serves to remind where she was during certain stages of her spiritual growth.  I love that not only would a collector be taking on guardianship of a piece of work, but they would be responsible for watering and upkeep – makes me giggle.

Here’s a detail:

This next piece is a female family tree.  Yu explained that Japanese family trees only follow the males of the line, so she made this to follow the path of the women in her family – all the fabric is hand woven and dyed by Yu, and she made the lovely little dolls… I just love her work!


The show is open through the 2nd of September… waste no time, rush rush and see it!