Okay, more great fucking art. And I apologize to those who don’t like cursing, but sometimes, it’s needed. Like when someone’s art is so good, so thoughtful, so beautiful and well executed, that it blows your mind to the point where all you can say to the artist is, “damn. fuck you.”

I saw the Laurie Lipton exhibit at Ace Gallery today. Holy wow! I’ve seen her works before in books, but never in person. The scale and execution are just mind blowing; they are pencil and charcoal drawings that are in the 4′ to 6′ high range, and in person they are outrageous.  I was so inspired and thrilled and turned on.  Here’s some personal favorites – if you click on them the link will take you to a page where you can scroll around and see the insane detail work:

Venice Beach, 2011

Bone China, 2009

Nuit D’Amour, 1993

Round & Round, 2012

The show, LA Sous-Real, is only up through September 8th, but it is so worth hustling over to see it.  Do not miss this.

And fuck you, Laurie Lipton; really, you are amazing.