Spent hours today at my storage space, sorting and cleaning out boxes. I’m slowly getting rid of stuff – my mother sent my entire childhood to me a couple of years ago – and, to that end, am participating in a yard sale this weekend. I took advantage of the sale to go through everything. Lots of nonsense to sell (come by this fri, sat, sunday 4342 Finley Ave, 90027, 9am-5pm), but I also found stuff that I love, a jacket I was looking for, a neat jar, and – the best part of being a trying-not-to-hoard-hoarder – fabulous ephemera!  Here’s the cream of the crop:

by Tricia Warden

garbage thinker by Raleigh Eager

Raleigh’s note on the back.

an article i pulled out of something in the 90’s on dj buck (whom i adore).