Last year I “helped” my craxy mother clear out one of her storage spaces. I knew she was nuts, I didn’t realize she’s a hoarder.  It made me take a look at how much crap I keep.  Now granted, it’s all good, high quality crap, but how much stuff does anyone need?  To that end, I have been getting rid of my own storage – which I was only forced to take when aforementioned craxy parent shipped my entire childhood to me several years ago.  In January I went down from a 10’x10′ space to a 5’x10x space, and yesterday I consolidated into a 5’x5′.  Hooray!  I’d love to get rid of all of it, but there’s some stuff I just can’t part with and my apartment is only so big.

On to the interesting – I hope – part.  To get rid of all this (good) crap, I am doing a bunch of stuff.  First, and most immanently, my girl Sarah and I are having a Big Assed Yard Sale this weekend! That’s right, if you’re in LA come by 4342 Finley Ave (LA 90027) Saturday or Sunday (hell come both and keep us company), from 9-5 and parse our stuff.  There’s some furniture, books, electronics, fabric, clothes, I don’t know what all, it’s a yard sale, there will be a bunch of stuff.

Secondly, the lovely Tricia Warden and I have opened a vintage store on Etsy, Sparkle Light and Sparkle Dark, and you can like us on the Facebooks! So far there’s just a few baby things in the shop – and holy cow is there some great kid’s stuff to come – but I know T plans on posting some vintage cookbooks later this week, I’ve got some cocktail stuff going up today or tomorrow… Check it out and check back, I think we’ll have a fantastic rotating stock of cool stuff.

Finally I’ll be opening a store on Amazon to deal with the antique children’s books (was given boxes of beautiful books from the turn of the last century through the 30’s and while I’m keeping my favorites…).

I’ll post over here to give a heads up when there’s new goods in the stores, as we make things available.  I hope you’ll check it all out.