I get so busy, and every day I think, “wow, you need to post stuff…” and then I get swept up in the whirl of it all, again. So, let’s see, what have I been doing?

Last weekend I flew up to Berkeley, to see my gal Mel‘s son in Einstein on the Beach.  Holy seminal wow!! What a piece of theatre! What a piece of art! I only wish I could see it a time or two more, to full absorb it; there was so much to take in over five hours.

me and “the boy” in front of Zellerbach Hall

They flew back to LA with me and we had super fun times in Southern California!  We did Halloween at Disneyland – which is fabulous!

Everyone was dressed up, the lines were short to non-existent, and there were trick or treat stations set up all around the park; I got so much candy.  Really, I felt like I was a kid when I got home and dumped it all out.

While Disney Halloween was crazy good, apparently things can get out of control in Hollywood.

Next year we’re having a silly string fight on Hollywood Blvd at 12.15pm on Nov 1st.  Please join.

Her son helped me with a project of mine… or more a goof of mine.  I’ve been sticking googly eyes on things randomly. He suggested the tray table.

Finally, the super talented Rebecca Rose flew in for The Hive‘s annual sculpture show.  She is so lovely and nice!  Not only did we have a terrific time, but I (being the luckiest girl in the world) was given a super amazing art gift, one of Rebecca’s incredible sculpture rings!

hidden face!

And now I will stitch, and sleep, and try to catch up with everything.