I am!! That’s right! Who’s house?? Run’s house!

Sorry, I get a bit excited.

So the deal is… my work is now available at Co-op28 on Vermont in Los Feliz, right here in Los Angeles! Woot!  There’s some pillows:

glassware will be joining me in this case…

and some cards:

those are my Braille cards on the top right!

and I’m sure more artsy-craftsy silliness will ensue and join them.

I took these shots yesterday when I dropped off, but will go back later in the week when it’s a bit more set up and take more, wonderfuler shots.

I’m very excited to be working with Co-op28, it’s a terrific business that champions handmade goods; woo hoo! They also have a small, but well chosen, selection of well priced vintage goods and clothes (I gots a fab new hat!).

More news to come in the next couple weeks… happenings at the Hive, sprucing up the online store, not to mention the website…. lots of goodness.

Have a super happy Thanksgiving everybody; Japanese turkeys say gobbu gobbu.