Do you know about the Craftivist Collective in the UK, run by my lovely friend Sarah Corbett?  They’re a super group (not the kind that fills stadiums and has gold records) that create projects and host workshops for public works all on socially relevant topics.  Sarah’s amazing, and just got back from Indonesia!! but that’s another story for another time.

Sarah’s putting together a book!!! And they need some help fundraising, so here’s some info, in the lady’s very own words:

“I’ve attached information on a Little Book of Craftivism we are producing with Cicada Publishing (who are boss!) but they can only pay for half of the budget because this is a niche market and a risk for them. So, we are crowdfunding the rest of the money (£5000- we currently have £1400 from individuals. The deadline is 1st February eek!). Would you or any of your contacts (individuals or organizations) be interested in offering some funding for this book? It can be as little at £1 to £3000.”

HERE is where you can donate and find out more about the book.