Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 10.44.04 AMI hope everyone had a safe and happy NYE last night, got buzzed (with or without the help of substances), made merry, spent joyous time with loved ones, and then made it home to be safely tucked up in bed. I had a lovely early dinner with a girl friend, then was home stitching and watching British mysteries by 9pm; fantastic!! Stayed up late working, got up super early in the new year, then passed back out for a few hours. Ahhh. Now, it’s mid-afternoon and I’m thinking about the year past and the one to come.

So many wonderful things happened in 2012! I had my first feature solo show and curated my first art event, became an artist in residence at the Hive and started selling my wares at Co-op 28, and showed in New York, Philadlephia, and a bunch of new, to me, galleries here in LA. Yay 2012! I also got some lovely press, made some amazing new friends, saw lots of art and theatre and music and beauty in my daily life, and met Amanda Fucking Palmer!

Looking forward, I’m very excited for 2013, there’s my second curated show – this February at the Hive, Stitch Fetish – the new series’ I’m working on (the doilies and a new project I haven’t quite unveiled yet), and plenty of group shows and ideas to keep me busy.

And now, the resolutions! In 2013 I resolve to:

find a bit more financial balance
see more art
spend more time laughing with loved ones
embrace glamour
participate in more make out sessions
and finally, (my words to live by in 2013)
more mad passion and more passionate madness!

Happy 2013 all! May it be filled with wonder, joy, and abundance!

image via Tinseltown: Holidays in Hollywood