I am so so so excited about this show!! As amazing as the Home show was, this one is going to be just as amazing! I can’t say better, that was sooo beautiful (thank you artists!!), but this one has a lot more humor and it’s dirty and you know me… giggle!

03 Erin M Riley ShotsShots by Erin M. Riley

So, with no further ado, I am so proud (and already want to own all their works!!) to announce the artist line up for Stitch Fetish, opening February 2 at the Hive!!

Bren Ahern, Mark Bieraugel, Jessica Charlton, Yu Cotton-Well, Spike Dennis, Jeff Flemming, Kathy Halper, Tod Hensley, Chawne Kimber, Katherine Lawrie, Robert Marbury, David & Vesna Miller, Neda Nahidi, Esther Oh, Mo Powers, Gus Riker, Erin M. Riley, Oscar Rodriguez, Brian Schetzsle, Ellen Schinderman, Amy Goldsmith Sheridan, Alaina Varrone… with a few possible add-ons to come.

David Miller-3

I was a Teen Age Spider Woman
by David & Vanessa Miller

This is so much fun!