Lovely artist Jennifer Korsen, a co-resident at the Hive, is having a solo show this weekend of her paper hearts!  They’re fab, and I was lucky enough to do a little colab with her (I can’t wait to see what she’s done, I love collaborating)!

Here’s what Jennifer says about the show:
“The symbol of the heart is powerful and vital, it is relatable across cultures and has been used to portray love, connection, and strength since ancient times. The heartbeat is the first sign of life in utero and the last sign that we check for post mortem. The heart is strong both physically and metaphorically. The heart endures. The heart is everything.
Please join me for a private opening of my solo show at Coba Gallery in Downtown LA just in time for Valentines Day! The show will be featuring my paper hearts series that I have been working on obsessively for the past 2 and a half years. Lots of new work as well as the full series of shadowboxes, and some incredible collaborations from some amazing artists I am lucky enough to know including Hollis Hart, Ellen Shinderman, Free Humanity, Jose Castillo and more!”

Copy of resized flyer

I’ll be there celebrating Ms Korsen; come toast her with me!