I’ve been blocked by Facebook for 24 hours; I can read and see things, but I can’t post or interact until noon today.  At some point yesterday, around noon, someone found my art work offensive and flagged it as “inappropriate.” Facebook summarily blocked me and warned that if I post inappropriate content again I could have my profile removed.  There is no discussion, no forum, no debate, no review process, just a summary removal and blocking.

"Nom" the piece that was flagged and removed.

“Nom” the piece that was flagged and removed.

There are several things that bother me about this:

  1. Anyone could flag anything for any reason, spite, glee, morality, anarchic tendencies, personal vendetta… and Facebook accepts it with no review.
  2. I see violent images, hate speech, seriously upsetting hurt animal images, bigotry and small mindedness on Facebook all the time, but that’s acceptable.
  3. And (and this is what really upsets me) we, as a culture, are more okay with images of violence than sexuality; that’s very sad.

I have no idea why this person blocked me, but here’s some thoughts for them. If you don’t like my art, don’t look at it.  If you’re worried about your children, talk to them openly about subjects that frighten you and monitor their computer use so you can control what they see.

And so, I have removed my erotic works from Facebook. From now on I’ll post stuff here and post a link on FB.  Their loss of great content.

It’s amazing that people are so worried what goes on in others’ bedrooms, they even care when it’s stitched. Sigh.

But as my father said when we discussed it yesterday, “if they’re censoring you, you must be doing something right.”