Much to do, much to say… My time as a resident at the Hive draws to a close (I’ll be down there two more Saturdays, come say hi and see arts!) but so much upcoming, elsewhere – and back at the Hive come fall.  But for now, up next, is We Made Them Do It, at Gallery1988; yep, more pop culture tomfoolery.


This time we were encouraged to make art based on movies and shows we never thought we’d get to make art about. I looked deep in my heart and made “DMG;” she’s 30″x30.” Show opens a week from Friday, 7/26 at Gallery1988 (West).


And if you missed embroidery class two weeks ago and are super bummed about it, there’s another class this weekend at Unincorporated Education. Go HERE for July classes and then click on Embroidery; come and stitch it up!