But just as proud!

While I have begun teaching classes at Unincorporated Education (next Embroidery Basics Class is August 22), I’ve continued my work with the girls at Aviva.

Some of the girls I’ve been teaching are still there – and it’s been fantastic watching them take on more and more challenging and original projects; others have left and I have new students.The girls moving on is fantastic, but it’s the only part that’s a bit hard. I’m so happy for them when they get to go home, but I miss them… but then I get new girls, and it’s such a joy to introduce embroidery to a student and see them really light up with ideas and love of the craft.

I have one such new student, and she’s only been stitching a few weeks, but she absolutely loves it, and I wanted to share one of her first pieces.


Isn’t it fab?? I’m so lucky and I love what I do!