Wanted to share a couple things friends are doing (“and I helped!” well, with one…)

First is artist Julio Panisello’s project, Havisham Hour. Having seen so many different film versions of Great Expectations, Julio is painting a piece a day, a page a day, of the original Dickens material. Looking at not only the themes in the book, but also the ideas of adaptation, small art vs. large, and time and space constraint, posting each morning at 8.40am (when Miss Havisham received her jilting and stopped the clocks). While much of the project is visual, Julio has asked some artists and other creative folk to read certain pages; I am pleased and proud to have been included in this group, and our “collaboration” went up yesterday! You can follow the project (and hear me) on many platforms:

Spreaker: http://goo.gl/66Sjxi
SoundCloud: http://goo.gl/1fPY2i
Facebook: http://goo.gl/pGqTpO
IHeartRadio: http://goo.gl/oAoier
iTunes: http://goo.gl/P6YdBU


The other site I want to share with you is Craig Vaccaro’s new blog about dealing with bi-polar disorder. It’s not a medical blog, but one man’s personal journey and struggle. I think he’s very brave to put it out there like this, there’s so much shame around mental health.

It’s silly, if you think about it – everyone has a family member or friend or spouse that deals with something in that arena, if it’s not us ourselves. Anyway, have a look at Craig’s site, drop him a line, you never know what will strike a chord.