Hello all! Hope you had a lovely, safe, warm New Year’s Eve, and are getting into the swing of this fantastic 2014 we find ourselves in! So much fun to come this year, and first up is the Hive’s annual Tarot show. Twenty-one artists were asked to make their renditions of the Major Arcana, which will be on display starting this Saturday night, and will be available as a Hive Tarot Deck!


I’m so excited to have been included in this year’s show, and was assigned the Tower, which means crisis, poor foundations, things falling apart. Here’s the traditional Ryder Waite version:

I knew as soon as I was assigned The Tower, before I even knew what my content would be, that I wanted to make it to hang in reverse; at least that way it would soften the meaning – crisis past, rebuilding, etc.

When I started to consider what to make it didn’t take long for me to decide that I wanted to render the attack on the World Trade Center; it was so iconic and obvious, to me, for the card:


The Tower in Reverse

I hope to see you Saturday night (January 4) at the opening, if you’re in the SoCal area. I will also be at the Hive for Art Walk on Thursday (January 9).