So little to do and so much time to do it in! Wait, strike that, reverse it. I have been crazy making, doing, readying, and not just for Stitch Fetish 2, though obviously that’s been my focus, but I’m actually in two other shows that open this coming weekend as well: All Pinned Up: a Tribute to Gil Elvgren and Dirty Detroit XV. Plus, I’ve made a second large scale piece for Stitch Fetish 2. In case you can’t get to any of the shows – and you’ve got Anaheim, LA, and Detroit to choose from – or you just can’t stand the suspense, here’s what I’ve been whipping up.

The photos of the two large pieces, are not the best detail photos, but I wanted the scale to come across.

Here’s the piece for the Gil Elvgren show, “Pin-up Posed with Besom and Stool,” hand embroidered, 8″x9″:

For Dirty Detroit, “My Girl Lollypop,” large scale cross stitch, 24″x24″:

And finally, for Stitch Fetish 2, “The View from Here,” large scale cross stitch, 24″x36″:

Photo on 2-4-14 at 5.56 PM