I shared this piece during the promotion of Stitch Fetish, but, as it’s still available, I’m sharing it again, plus, it’s too bad ass not to mention one more time: it’s Kevin Muth’s (aka Dirty Pillowz’s) amazing, erotic string art. But wait, there’s more!! We also have kits for sale! If you’re more of a DIY-er, you can make this phenomenal, neon creation for your very self!! Ladies and gents, I give you dirty string art (and way too many exclamation points, sorry, I get excited)!

Threadlight DistrictThreadlight District
21”x17”x2”- string art on black velvet with blacklight
kits available for $35

Only today and tomorrow left to see the show in person; if you’re downtown, swing by the Hive!

For inquires, or to purchase, please contact The Hive Gallery at 213.955.9051.