One of the things I did this year (and yeah, I know it’s cheesy, but it’s nice) was keep a “sweet moments” jar – whenever something good happened, I jotted it on a scrap of paper and threw it in a jar. Well, I just sat and finished my tea and looked through 2014’s “sweet moments,” and while yes, it was a difficult year, it also had many good moments in it, mostly art related. Here are some highlights, and some work I made in 2014. Happy New Year everybody, and welcome 2015!

In no particular order, things that were lovely and gave me joy in 2014:

  • Art shows!! I was in a ton of shows last year and got to continue showing with galleries that have been supportive of me for years (Gallery1988 and the Hive) and also began showing with some fantastic, new-to-me galleries (Snap Orlando, Spoke, Craft in America). And it was super nice to end the year with a whole stack of shows lined up for this year!DSCF0003
  • Getting into Craft forms 2014 and then getting an Award of Merit!
  • I was a featured artist in February for the Down Town LA art walk!IMG_3935
  • Press! for me and for Stitch Fetish! Lovely press, kind press.
  • Having great friends who go out of their way for me, visit me, support me, and help me through some really rough times.IMG_5647
  • The Heathers hankies! Made 30 custom embroidered hankies for the lead of “Heathers: The Musical” to give as cast gifts.
  • RuPaul retweeted my portrait of her!IMG_5055
  • The success of “Stitch Fetish 2” and excitement of prepping for “Stitch Fetish 3!”
  • I gave my first artist’s talk, at Craft in America.
  • Got back to volunteer teaching embroidery to teen girls and lined up classes for the first few months of 2015!

And here’s what I’m working on as we enter this wonderful new year, a life sized portrait of Laverne Cox as Wonder Woman.

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” – Rilke