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Consent by Jess de Wahls

This Saturday afternoon, February 27th, is the final day of Stitch Fetish 4 at the Hive Gallery (open 1-6, Wed-Sat). Not only is it your last day to come downtown and see the show in person, we’re having a panel discussion on Gender and Sexuality in Stitch (at 3:30pm) and many of the (local) artists will be in attendance.

If you’re not in the LA area you can stream live – you’ll have to download Periscope and then friend or follow @thehivegallery – and it will be archived online after the fact to watch. I believe streaming live will give you the opportunity to write in questions during the Q&A portion of the panel.

Moderated by curator, Ellen Schinderman (me), the panel participants are: Billy Kheel (who’s just had a solo show in Denver), Emma Rose Laughlin (who was in Stitch Fetish 3 and is a current featured artist at The Hive), past Stitch Fetish artist Luke Haynes (who’s very busy with The Log Cabins of Donald Judd, a show of 50 quilts), and Ashley V Blalock, a multi talented artist and lecturer at California State University, San Bernardino.

This year’s show has been fantastic. There’s some amazing works still available, so come down and see them this week or check it out online. But I hope to see you Saturday, online or in person!


That’s both my Halloween greeting and my reaction to the fact that I won’t be in San Francisco, Friday night. If you are in the Bay Area, you should absolutely go check out Bad Dads 5 Spoke Art‘s yearly tribute to Wes Anderson. I’m super excited to be in the show, only wish I could be there… But you should go! And dress up as your favorite Wes Anderson character – it is Halloween after all. I’ve seen a bunch of the works already, and the show looks ah-mahzing!

Here’s the flyer:


And my piece, “Boy with Lesbians:”


…it would be Orlando.

I know, I know, tonight is the Same Sex opening in CT (and I’m super excited about that show too), but I’m really really blown away to be showing tomorrow night in Snap!Attacks! This is heady company folks, so many artists I admire in this show, I just can’t get over it.


The show opens tomorrow night, Friday 6/20 (reception from 7pm – 10pm), and is co-curated by Snap! Orlando and The line up is just stellar; in fact, here’s the artists list:

Special guest, from Germany
Mark Gmehling
brought by Snap! Orlando

Special guest, from San Francisco
Stacey Ransom of Ransom & Mitchell
brought by Art Attacks

Zofia Bogusz (Queens, NY)
Ruben Ireland (U.K.)
Luke Chueh (LA)
Johannah O’Donnell (Orlando)
Aunia Kahn (St.Louis, MO)
Donia (NYC)
Raymond Klecker (Orlando)
Michael Marsicano (NYC)
Andrew Spear (Orlando)
Rebecca Rose (FL)
Mike Nuriel (FL)
Scott Scheidly (FL)
Chris Scala (FL)
Elena Vizerskaya (Ukraine)
Ellen Schinderman (LA)
Shelley Lake (FL)
Nicolas Senegas (France)
Aurora Crowley (NY)
Andrew Soria (Miami)
Boy Kong (FL)
Kate Zambrano (CA)

Shut up!! Luke Chueh? Rebecca Rose? Scott Scheidly? Kate Zambrano? Go look at their work, no really, go look, I’ll wait…

Fucking amazing, right? There’s no other adjective that does them justice. And the others are just as amazing I’m just not going to force you to go look at all of them (Though I highly recommend it. Such good work!!!).

“Anita” my cross stitch portrait of Anita Ekberg, will be on display.


I wish wish wish I could be there. If you’re in Florida, go; it’s a show not to be missed. And if you do go, please take pictures!!!!

Have you had a chance to check out the installation space at Dove Biscuit Studios at the Last Bookstore? Well come down tonight for down town art walk; it’s my last month in there! I’ll still be in residence at the gallery, and my braille cards will still be for sale, but there won’t be a lovely red room full of nekked ladies after tonight, now will there? I should be around the gallery for a while this eve, I’d love to see you!!

Come see the nekkid ladies (and, likely, me having fun)!


One of the things that was important to me to do this trip home was to go to Adam Yauch park in Brooklyn. I’m a BBoys fan since the early 80s, saw them the first time in ’84 opening for Madonna and the last time was their last tour for The Mix up in 2008. It’s a nice little park with a playground and two basketball courts. They’ve strung Tibetan flags and there’s a picture of Yauch and the Dali Lama. I think he would have liked it.

IMG_2850 IMG_2855 IMG_2856 IMG_2857 IMG_2858

RIP MCA; you are much missed. xx