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No, not Christmas… Not Pumpkin Spice time… It’s time to start the yearly wonderful craziness that is/will become Stitch Fetish, wait for it… 5!!! Holy Coledo (as my friend’s mom says)!! Five years! Thank you all for the first four and the wonderful works you’ve made!!! And here we go again!

All the submission details and such are on my website, as usual the show is in February at the Hive Gallery, DTLA, subs due end of year, but you can go read all that. And if you need an example, all the past shows are online at the, and here’s the type of things we’ve shown in the past:

bum love by amy dame

bum love by amy dame

Consent by Jess de Wahls

Consent by Jess de Wahls

Sisters under the skin 1 (Camberwell Beauty) by Sally Hewett

Sisters under the skin 1 (Camberwell Beauty) by Sally Hewett

Pennants by Robert Marbury

Pennants by Robert Marbury

You get the gist. It’s the world’s least objectifying erotica show, so get out your whimsy and your fiber, and get making!! I can’t wait to see the stitchy naughtiness you all come up with!!


Every year I think, “This couldn’t get better,” and then it does. I’m so, so, so excited about this year’s Stitch Fetish (opening Saturday, February 6th at the Hive Gallery, DTLA), everyone has made such stellar, fun, fabulous work; I hope you love it half as much as I do.

bum love amy dame

Bum Love by Amy Dame

Enough gushing already! Here’s this year’s line up:

Mark Bieraugel
Ashley V Blalock
Olisa Corcoran
Amy Dame
Jess De Wahls
Spike Dennis
Nicole Filiatrault
Giddy Girlie
Peg Grady
Erika Hagberg
Becca Hammond
AshFord Harrison
Nano Hernandez
Annette Heully
Sally Hewett
Bascom Hogue
Josephine Huang
Alexander Kain
Billy Kheel
Michelle Kingdom
Barbara Bryn Klare
Katharine Lawrie
Jenny Lee
Rebecca Levi
Robin Mcgeough
Mackenzie Mollo
Matthew Monthei
Carie Musick
Oh Sew Nerdy
Shove Mink aka Croshame
Stephanie Pasa
Miel Rose
Julie Sarloutte
Ellen Schinderman
Heather Marie Scholl
Pete Seäzle
Meghan Willis
Jessika Wood
Wu Stitch
María Lucía Varona
Ben Youdan

I’ll be posting tastes and teases as the show draws closer! Yay!

I’m stitching away at one of my pieces for Stitch Fetish 4 this weekend. I have too many ideas this year, I think I’m making a bunch of pieces and then I’ll see what I accept from my own submissions. I hope you’re creating yours, or at least thinking about what to make. Only three and a half weeks to submit by Dec 15th. Can’t wait to see what you’re working on.

Here’s a sneak peak my current work in progress:

tree woman WIP

Nope, I don’t mean Halloween (though it has been pretty scary around her with things going bump in the night, I mean it’s Stitch Fetish 4 submission time!! Can you believe? I can’t! So here’s the basics:

Text Lady 8: Zoe (Body Shaming)

Stitch – verb 1a : to fasten, join, or close with or as if with stitches <stitched a seam> b : to make, mend, or decorate with or as if with stitches
fe·tish noun 1 a : an object believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner; broadly : a material object regarded with superstitious or extravagant trust or reverence: an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion : prepossession : an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression 2: a rite or cult of fetish worshipers 3: fixation
Stitch Fetish 4, at The Hive Gallery, LA, explores art of the stitch (a rite unto itself), revealing the fetishized secrets lurking in the minds of the artists.  Works of erotica and titillation! Works of dark fantasy and longing.  Works of secrets never told, but long desired.
Artists are encouraged to submit works dealing with erotica, fetish, sex, and sexuality. Feel free to interpret this theme widely. All types of stitched work are welcome for submission: knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, cross-stitch, quilting, appliqué… If it’s stitched, please submit.  Please note we are looking for contemporary interpretations of theme and medium.

Head on over to my site for the rest of the info, dates, guidelines, etc.

Last year was a doozy! Let’s see if we can’t top ourselves!

I deleted my Etsy account a few months ago… for a bunch of reasons. And as soon as I did, realized I probably should have left it up until I built a new store. But, the button had been pushed.
That’s what happens when you have fits of pique.


Meanwhile, I’ve received some very nice messages, via FB, my website, tumblr, asking prices of works and such, and really, I just needed to get off my ass and deal with it. So… it’s not completely done, I’ve more work to upload (or make the intern upload – I have an intern this summer!!!), but I built a new store! Yea me! It’s a Big Cartel store, and for the moment it’s fairly simple; maybe once I get more available art posted, I’ll play more with design.


So go check it out! I’ll be offering deals on stuff throughout the summer!
Here’s one now: Until the end of July, get 40% off all pillows (I know that’s all that’s there now, but not for long!), when you enter the code, EQUALITY!!!

So much thanks to everyone who made Saturday night’s opening of Stitch Fetish 3 such a resounding success: the artists who attended, and those who couldn’t but made amazing work, all the wonderful people who came out in support of stitchery (and naughtiness), and of course Nathan Cartwright and all the folk at the Hive Gallery and Studios.

It was a blast of a night, but if you weren’t there, it’s okay, the show’s up until 2/28, and the gallery is open late this coming Thursday (2/12) for art walk. I’ll be there all night, happy to chat about the work and the artists. And if you can’t get to that either, or you’re nowhere near LA, all the work is online to be perused and purchased (just scroll down the page a bit).

Here’s some snaps from Saturday, thanks again to everyone who made it such a magical (and dirty) eve!

IMG_6090IMG_6092 10397198_10204149058910121_1374801755261373503_o 10009803_10206351931903357_4503635562906134693_n 10984554_10204149062150202_4499622494279754232_o

Got most of the hanging done today, tomorrow final bits, and sorting, labels… Saturday’s going to come and go before I even realize it, so I’m trying to slow down enough to enjoy this. I have to say, with only a few minor glitches, it’s been pretty wonderful. Here’s today’s peek:

IMG_6046 IMG_6052 IMG_6055

And here’s a link to a nice blurb in LAWeekly (scroll down, we’re the 3rd show mentioned – many thanks to Shana Nys Dambrot for the shout out!):

So much stuff, but what good stuff! Tomorrow, the hanging!


Crazy art prep over here in stitch-fetish-land! Such great work! So excited for Saturday night! The work’s at the gallery, going to unpack today and start laying out; tomorrow and Friday actual hanging, and then Saturday‘s the opening. So crazy that it’s actually here, it was so far in the future for so long and now, here we are!

Finished up my contribution the other night. I wanted to continue working with the large scale cross stitch, but I didn’t want to make a large piece, so I made my first small(er), large scale piece, “Sucker,” 12″x12″:


Here’s another taste of some of the deliciously naughty things that are in Stitch Fetish 3, opening at the Hive Gallery, Saturday, February 7th. So soon!

erika2“Tender Touch” by Erika HagbergJockstitch (worn) - Matthew Monthei“Jock Stitch” by Matthew Monthei Pen15_Pennants“Penis Pennants” by Robert Marbury

See you there!

Less than a month until Stitch Fetish 3…. where does the time go?? Just a little peak of a couple pieces by a couple artists in the show. Both these ladies were featured on Huffington Post Arts this year, Heather Marie Scholl and Sally Hewett, so proud to have them in the show!

hms - thesunandmoon sally hewett - Sisters under the skin 1 (Camberwell Beauty)

icheel detail“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Michelle Kingdom

I couldn’t be more excited for Stitch Fetish 3 (only a month away now!!!) and the amazing artists in this year’s show! Here’s the line-up:

Bren Ahearn and Jesse M Kahn
Mark Bieraugel
Ashley Blalock
Josephine Carter
Ruri Clarkson
Ben Cuevas
Denise Felton
Tiff Graham
Erika Hagberg
Ashford Harrison
Luke Haynes
Annette Heully
Sally Hewett
Josephine T. Huang
Billy Kheel
Michelle Kingdom
Emma Rose Laughlin
Katherine Lawrie
Jenny Lee
Kate Madeira
Robert Marbury
Margaret Meyer
Matthew Monthei
Carie Musick
Kevin Muth
Oh Sew Nerdy
Carol Powell
Jaclyn Rose
Julie Sarloutte
Kirsten Schihl
Ellen Schinderman
Heather Marie Scholl
Amy Sheridan
Daniaelle Simonsen
Denise Sullivan
Tamara Tolkin
Meghan Willis
Darcy Yates

It’s going to be an outrageous show; hope to see you there!!