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Not only am I discounting all Pillows in my store by 40% for the month of July (enter the word EQUALITY at checkout), I’m adding stuff daily!

Buy yourself an art prezzie!

Today I added more Pillows, tomorrow I will add new Braille Cards!


I deleted my Etsy account a few months ago… for a bunch of reasons. And as soon as I did, realized I probably should have left it up until I built a new store. But, the button had been pushed.
That’s what happens when you have fits of pique.


Meanwhile, I’ve received some very nice messages, via FB, my website, tumblr, asking prices of works and such, and really, I just needed to get off my ass and deal with it. So… it’s not completely done, I’ve more work to upload (or make the intern upload – I have an intern this summer!!!), but I built a new store! Yea me! It’s a Big Cartel store, and for the moment it’s fairly simple; maybe once I get more available art posted, I’ll play more with design.


So go check it out! I’ll be offering deals on stuff throughout the summer!
Here’s one now: Until the end of July, get 40% off all pillows (I know that’s all that’s there now, but not for long!), when you enter the code, EQUALITY!!!

So much good going on, and so crazy busy, and along with that comes change – which is terrifying and unknown and means more work – but it’s amazing and fantastic! So, I’ve closed my Etsy shop. I will be opening a Big Cartel Shop in the next month or so. Perhaps I should have left the Etsy up while I build the new one (I think now, typing), but, I didn’t, so… I think it will be a better fit in the end.

But have no fear, don’t wring your hands,


works will be available again in a “store” setting soon. And if you see something you like in the meantime (on Instagrams, Turmblr, Ficebook, or Tweeter), just let me know and we can work it out.

Have you had a chance to check out the installation space at Dove Biscuit Studios at the Last Bookstore? Well come down tonight for down town art walk; it’s my last month in there! I’ll still be in residence at the gallery, and my braille cards will still be for sale, but there won’t be a lovely red room full of nekked ladies after tonight, now will there? I should be around the gallery for a while this eve, I’d love to see you!!

Come see the nekkid ladies (and, likely, me having fun)!


Hey all! Hope to see you downtown LA tonight for art walk. I’l be a the Hive most of the night (7ish-midnight) to talk Stitch Fetish 2, but if you’re coming down earlier, come by Dove Biscuit Studios, on the Mezzanine level of the Last Bookstore, where I’ve just installed as a resident. Twice the Schindermania bang for your (proverbial) buck!!

Yay art!

And happy commercialized love day to you all!

So excited to be included in the forthcoming, “Gallery1988’s Crazy4Cult: Cult Movie Art 2.” The book is officially available October 15th, just in time for this year’s show, but you can pre-order now, or, if you’re in LA, early copies are already available at the gallery.  Here’s a sneak peak!!

IMG_2888 IMG_2890 IMG_2891
Hope to see you mid-October for the opening of this year’s show, Crazy4Cult: Say Hi to the Bad Guy.

All the art from Stitch Fetish is now available on line, well, the pieces that haven’t sold that is, on the Hive’s site (scroll down past the paintings)!


And while we’re on the subject of the Hive and Stitch Fetish, I’ll be at the gallery all afternoon, from 1-6 today, so come downtown and see the works and say hello!

It’s the least fun part of being an artist, but if I don’t do it, who will?  After much whining and procrastinating and mostly making stuff rather than stopping to do photo and computer stuff, I’ve finally gotten doilies in the store! I still have lots of other online, computery stuff to do, but let’s focus on the good and what’s done, shall we? There’s doilies in the store!

DSCF0006 DSCF0071 DSCF0087 DSCF0167

So now, if you’re in LA, you can come by the Hive, and see what’s on the wall, but if you’re not, you can go over to my Etsy shop and get some dirty doily in your life.  Of the 99 planned, there’s 19 posted now; have at ’em!!

Come on down to the Hive!! It’s the yearly tarot show, amongst other wondrous goings on, I’ll be around, selling stitchy naughtiness… What’s not to like?


I am!! That’s right! Who’s house?? Run’s house!

Sorry, I get a bit excited.

So the deal is… my work is now available at Co-op28 on Vermont in Los Feliz, right here in Los Angeles! Woot!  There’s some pillows:

glassware will be joining me in this case…

and some cards:

those are my Braille cards on the top right!

and I’m sure more artsy-craftsy silliness will ensue and join them.

I took these shots yesterday when I dropped off, but will go back later in the week when it’s a bit more set up and take more, wonderfuler shots.

I’m very excited to be working with Co-op28, it’s a terrific business that champions handmade goods; woo hoo! They also have a small, but well chosen, selection of well priced vintage goods and clothes (I gots a fab new hat!).

More news to come in the next couple weeks… happenings at the Hive, sprucing up the online store, not to mention the website…. lots of goodness.

Have a super happy Thanksgiving everybody; Japanese turkeys say gobbu gobbu.

One of the things I’ve been working on is a series of pillows for Serendipity3 in NYC.  They’re done and going in the mail tomorrow; should be on sale by the end of next week!! Woot!

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Here’s a quickie about what I’ve been up to since I’m back.  I had a not-cold, where I wasn’t sick, but I was off and low ebb.  I did get a lot of stitching done.

the thank you note I made for my hosts in London (technically not stitched last week, made it for them while i was there).

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