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I applied at this online marketing company.


Let the teasers commence!

I’m tired and stressed and doing too many things.  While I really wanted to commit to the silliness that is 9/02/10, I can’t do this everyday. And in the end, aren’t I really sparing us all?

Frottaging You

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Wanted to share this wonderful piece by shaebey, over on flickr. Nothing wrong with a got frotting.

The winning entrant of the 21st World of Wearable Arts Awards show is outrageous!!  Lady of the Woods by David Walker.

The gown is made from mahogany, lacewood, maple, and cedar, and her wig is wood shavings.

Wow!! Crappy gray LA day. Slogging around, running errands, driving all over, and then the sun breaks through and rewards me.

Are you looking for a great summer read? Have a kid you’re trying to hook on a book? Loved Harry Potter, thought Twilight was eh, but you’re willing to suspend belief? Well I’ve got your summer series right here. Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan.  I’m late jumping on this band wagon, the fifth and final book in the series was just published, but hey, now we don’t have to wait for the next one.  I’ve read them back to back to back, great summer page turners.

I don’t want to say too much, because there are too many good reveals in the first book, The Lightning Theif, and I don’t want to spoil them.  I’ll just say that it’s a modern take on Greek Mythology, has a male protagonist – for all you parents of boys who won’t read “girl” books – with a female best friend, is fast paced and fun, and will make you want to go pick up a copy of D’Aulaire for nostalga’s sake.  And if you’re not nostalgic for it because you never had it, go treat yourself!

I feel like I need to share this, after my last post.  Not my story, but great.

Years ago in NYC I worked at The River Cafe with a FABULOUS queen named Paul – I’m leaving out lasts to protect the not so innocent.  Anyway Paul met a great guy and they got “married,” this is prelegalization.  His husband is a Biddle – you know the diamond Biddles, Mayflower family, etc – and when they got “engaged” he gave Paul a handful of loose stones, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, blah blah blah.

So they went to a little old Jewish guy in the 30’s to have them set.  They brought a design with them for circlet about three inches in diameter, with the stones set on the outside.  The little Jewish man looked at their design and asked what it was for; they nervously responded, “baby bracelets.”  The Hassid looked at them, smirked, and said, and please imagine a heavy, Jewy accent, “really?  because they’re just the right size for cock rings.”

Warms the cockles of my heart.  Pun intended.

How freaking awesome is this laser cut ring???

Waiting tables provides me with more than just cash.  Sometimes it gives me joy, sometimes it gives me a headache, and sometimes it just makes me feel old.  The thing is, I feel exactly the same today as I did at twenty-whatever.  Yes I’ve learned things, yes I’ve “matured,” but really, I don’t feel different, but waiting tables, I’m surrounded by people who actually are twenty-whatever.   I usually don’t notice the difference, we like the same music, live the same kind of lifestyle, etc etc, but once in a while there’s a moment…

I was working tonight and I mentioned that my boss at my other job, let’s call him Monie Dore, had a white party for his birthday in late September.  I told the story to highlight how douchey he is.  First of all white parties are played and lame.  Second if you are going to have a white party, it has to be before Labor Day.  Finally, when “Monie” announced the party to his staff, he said it would have a Beatles theme and then started to sing, “Daydream Believer” to them, which we all know is the Monkees.

Okay, here’s the part that made me feel old.  I told this story to two co-workers tonight, one early twenties, the other late, and only one of them knew who the Monkees were, and only because she’d auditioned for American Idol a few years ago and was forced to sing Daydream Believer with a crowd of thousands in the Rose Bowl.  What???

It’s amazing, stuff like this makes me so hopeful and scared all at the same time.  It seems so obvious.  Fingers crossed.

There have been, thank God, some great moments waiting tables through the years, but last night was especially good. I was busying around the burger joint, went over to a new table, “Hi, how are ya, blah blah blah.”  The guy had a black sketch pad/journal on the table, with a painted cover.  I said, “Hey, that’s cool, is it  a Baseman?”  He looked at me and said, “I am Baseman.”  I was blown away, and apologized, but fawned shamelessly.

He gave me a postcard to a show in he’s doing in Barcelona, and like a dork i asked him to sign it, explaining that i never do that, and shit on actors, but he’s Gary Baseman.

Anyway I served the rest of their meal like a normal person.   Blah blah blah.  At the end of it, while chatting with his – date?  girlfriend?  wife?- he was sketching with his pen on his placemat/menu.  When he was done he gave it to me and signed it. It’s a nekid girl floating across the menu.


How freaking cool is that?
I promised if he came back i’d fawn less.