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work by Anya Astapova

This show is going to rock, if you’ll pardon my terrible word choice. Here is the list of artists who will be showing in “Put the Needle on the Record,” at Twilight Gallery, Seattle, opening Saturday, August 1st:

Anya Astapova, Alise Baker, Mark Bieraugel, Croshame, Jess de Wahls, Giddy Girlie, Kathy Halper, Becca Hammond, Luke Haynes, Daniel Hernandez, Bascom Hogue, Billy Kheel, Michelle Kingdom, Koe-Zee, Emma Rose Laughlin, Katharine Lawrie, Jenny Lee, Kate Madeira, Mackenzie Mollo, Matthew Monthei, Carie Musick, Ries Niemi, Jessica Pambianco, Carol Powell, Julie Sarloutte, Ellen Schinderman, Pete Seazle, Sophie Tomlinson, Meghan Willis, Wu Stitch, Darcy Yates

So excited! Coming at you, Seattle!!


icheel detail“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Michelle Kingdom

I couldn’t be more excited for Stitch Fetish 3 (only a month away now!!!) and the amazing artists in this year’s show! Here’s the line-up:

Bren Ahearn and Jesse M Kahn
Mark Bieraugel
Ashley Blalock
Josephine Carter
Ruri Clarkson
Ben Cuevas
Denise Felton
Tiff Graham
Erika Hagberg
Ashford Harrison
Luke Haynes
Annette Heully
Sally Hewett
Josephine T. Huang
Billy Kheel
Michelle Kingdom
Emma Rose Laughlin
Katherine Lawrie
Jenny Lee
Kate Madeira
Robert Marbury
Margaret Meyer
Matthew Monthei
Carie Musick
Kevin Muth
Oh Sew Nerdy
Carol Powell
Jaclyn Rose
Julie Sarloutte
Kirsten Schihl
Ellen Schinderman
Heather Marie Scholl
Amy Sheridan
Daniaelle Simonsen
Denise Sullivan
Tamara Tolkin
Meghan Willis
Darcy Yates

It’s going to be an outrageous show; hope to see you there!!

I am so so so excited about this show!! As amazing as the Home show was, this one is going to be just as amazing! I can’t say better, that was sooo beautiful (thank you artists!!), but this one has a lot more humor and it’s dirty and you know me… giggle!

03 Erin M Riley ShotsShots by Erin M. Riley

So, with no further ado, I am so proud (and already want to own all their works!!) to announce the artist line up for Stitch Fetish, opening February 2 at the Hive!!

Bren Ahern, Mark Bieraugel, Jessica Charlton, Yu Cotton-Well, Spike Dennis, Jeff Flemming, Kathy Halper, Tod Hensley, Chawne Kimber, Katherine Lawrie, Robert Marbury, David & Vesna Miller, Neda Nahidi, Esther Oh, Mo Powers, Gus Riker, Erin M. Riley, Oscar Rodriguez, Brian Schetzsle, Ellen Schinderman, Amy Goldsmith Sheridan, Alaina Varrone… with a few possible add-ons to come.

David Miller-3

I was a Teen Age Spider Woman
by David & Vanessa Miller

This is so much fun!