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So much good going on, and so crazy busy, and along with that comes change – which is terrifying and unknown and means more work – but it’s amazing and fantastic! So, I’ve closed my Etsy shop. I will be opening a Big Cartel Shop in the next month or so. Perhaps I should have left the Etsy up while I build the new one (I think now, typing), but, I didn’t, so… I think it will be a better fit in the end.

But have no fear, don’t wring your hands,


works will be available again in a “store” setting soon. And if you see something you like in the meantime (on Instagrams, Turmblr, Ficebook, or Tweeter), just let me know and we can work it out.


Crazy art prep over here in stitch-fetish-land! Such great work! So excited for Saturday night! The work’s at the gallery, going to unpack today and start laying out; tomorrow and Friday actual hanging, and then Saturday‘s the opening. So crazy that it’s actually here, it was so far in the future for so long and now, here we are!

Finished up my contribution the other night. I wanted to continue working with the large scale cross stitch, but I didn’t want to make a large piece, so I made my first small(er), large scale piece, “Sucker,” 12″x12″:


Here’s another taste of some of the deliciously naughty things that are in Stitch Fetish 3, opening at the Hive Gallery, Saturday, February 7th. So soon!

erika2“Tender Touch” by Erika HagbergJockstitch (worn) - Matthew Monthei“Jock Stitch” by Matthew Monthei Pen15_Pennants“Penis Pennants” by Robert Marbury

See you there!

icheel detail“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Michelle Kingdom

I couldn’t be more excited for Stitch Fetish 3 (only a month away now!!!) and the amazing artists in this year’s show! Here’s the line-up:

Bren Ahearn and Jesse M Kahn
Mark Bieraugel
Ashley Blalock
Josephine Carter
Ruri Clarkson
Ben Cuevas
Denise Felton
Tiff Graham
Erika Hagberg
Ashford Harrison
Luke Haynes
Annette Heully
Sally Hewett
Josephine T. Huang
Billy Kheel
Michelle Kingdom
Emma Rose Laughlin
Katherine Lawrie
Jenny Lee
Kate Madeira
Robert Marbury
Margaret Meyer
Matthew Monthei
Carie Musick
Kevin Muth
Oh Sew Nerdy
Carol Powell
Jaclyn Rose
Julie Sarloutte
Kirsten Schihl
Ellen Schinderman
Heather Marie Scholl
Amy Sheridan
Daniaelle Simonsen
Denise Sullivan
Tamara Tolkin
Meghan Willis
Darcy Yates

It’s going to be an outrageous show; hope to see you there!!

One of the things I did this year (and yeah, I know it’s cheesy, but it’s nice) was keep a “sweet moments” jar – whenever something good happened, I jotted it on a scrap of paper and threw it in a jar. Well, I just sat and finished my tea and looked through 2014’s “sweet moments,” and while yes, it was a difficult year, it also had many good moments in it, mostly art related. Here are some highlights, and some work I made in 2014. Happy New Year everybody, and welcome 2015!

In no particular order, things that were lovely and gave me joy in 2014:

  • Art shows!! I was in a ton of shows last year and got to continue showing with galleries that have been supportive of me for years (Gallery1988 and the Hive) and also began showing with some fantastic, new-to-me galleries (Snap Orlando, Spoke, Craft in America). And it was super nice to end the year with a whole stack of shows lined up for this year!DSCF0003
  • Getting into Craft forms 2014 and then getting an Award of Merit!
  • I was a featured artist in February for the Down Town LA art walk!IMG_3935
  • Press! for me and for Stitch Fetish! Lovely press, kind press.
  • Having great friends who go out of their way for me, visit me, support me, and help me through some really rough times.IMG_5647
  • The Heathers hankies! Made 30 custom embroidered hankies for the lead of “Heathers: The Musical” to give as cast gifts.
  • RuPaul retweeted my portrait of her!IMG_5055
  • The success of “Stitch Fetish 2” and excitement of prepping for “Stitch Fetish 3!”
  • I gave my first artist’s talk, at Craft in America.
  • Got back to volunteer teaching embroidery to teen girls and lined up classes for the first few months of 2015!

And here’s what I’m working on as we enter this wonderful new year, a life sized portrait of Laverne Cox as Wonder Woman.

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” – Rilke

So little info, so much time… Strike that, reverse it…

Lessee, right now in Wayne, PA, I’m super proud to be a part of  “Craft Forms in America 2014,” curated by David McFadden, Chief Curator Emeritus of the Museum of Art and Design and Bruce Pepich, Executive Director & Curator of Collections of the Racine Art Museum. They’re showing my Divine and my RuPaul. Thanks Craft Forms!!!

Crazy4Cult is back in LA! Show opens Friday, December 12th, I’m sure it’ll be the same fabulous zoo it’s always been, and then some! The last two years in NYC were a blast, but it’ll be fun to have the show home in Hollywood.

I’ve paid homage to “The Breakfast Club:”

“A Brain,”


“An Athlete,”


“A Basket Case,”


“A Princess,”


and, “A Criminal.”


And don’t forget, if you’re planning on submitting work for Stitch Fetish 3, the time is nigh! Next Monday, December 15th, is the final day to submit; I want to see your work!

That’s both my Halloween greeting and my reaction to the fact that I won’t be in San Francisco, Friday night. If you are in the Bay Area, you should absolutely go check out Bad Dads 5 Spoke Art‘s yearly tribute to Wes Anderson. I’m super excited to be in the show, only wish I could be there… But you should go! And dress up as your favorite Wes Anderson character – it is Halloween after all. I’ve seen a bunch of the works already, and the show looks ah-mahzing!

Here’s the flyer:


And my piece, “Boy with Lesbians:”


That’s right… it’s back! Stitch Fetish 3 at the Hive Gallery in Downtown, Los Angeles!!!

 Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.54.02 PM


Stitch Fetish 3, at The Hive Gallery, will continue to explore the art of the stitch (a rite and fetish unto itself), revealing the secrets, desires, and obsessions lurking in the mind of the artist.  Works of erotica and titillation! Works of dark fantasy and longing.  Works of secrets never told, but long kept.

Artists, please submit stitchy works of erotica and fetish – feel free to interpret this theme widely.

Makers of all varieties of stitched work are encouraged to submit: knitting, crochet, embroidery (machine, free hand, black work, crewel….), needlepoint, cross-stitch, quilting, plush, appliqué, tapestry, needlefelting (i know it’s not stitched, but there’s needles and often blood, so it fully counts!), beading, mixed media (where fiber is a main componant)… and any other stitchy forms i’ve forgotten (or woven or threaded or poked), please submit!

Please note we are looking for contemporary interpretations of theme and medum.

Submission Details: Eligibility: All artists over 18 are eligible. Work can utilize any medium but must primarily use stitching (or fiber). Works should be no larger than 24”x24” framed (unless you contact me specifically). Works must be wall mountable and ready to hang – sculptural pieces should be no bigger than 24″ at their largest dimension (again, unless you contact me specifically). Work must be original and created after 2012.

For submission dates, details, and entry links, please go HERE.

Hey everybody! Lots of art!! Yea!

First up, tonight, there’s Gallery1988‘s tribute to Joss Whedon! I made zombies:

IMG_5348 IMG_5350IMG_5353IMG_5355 Read the rest of this entry »

Hey! Whatcha doing Saturday night?? Come on down to the Hive for the opening of their August show.


I’ll be debuting the latest in my large portrait series, “Starrbooty for President,” and would love to see you!! And I’d love for you to see her in person!


The work will be online some time after the show opens and I’ll post a link. If you come by, give me a squeeze, or at least say hello. Sheesh!

Holy cow! It’s less than two weeks until the first opening of Home is Where the Needle Marks, my curatorial debut! The time, she is flying!!  This is what all the stitching and hustle has been leading to of late.

In conjunction with Pop tART gallery, I have put together a fab show, Home is Where the Needle Marks.  It’s  a fantastic group of stitched artwork on the theme of “home.”  In fact, so much wonderful work was submitted that we decided to split the show into two shows, in two spaces, with two openings!  The first is Saturday June 9th, and the second Saturday June 16th.

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