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Every year I think, “This couldn’t get better,” and then it does. I’m so, so, so excited about this year’s Stitch Fetish (opening Saturday, February 6th at the Hive Gallery, DTLA), everyone has made such stellar, fun, fabulous work; I hope you love it half as much as I do.

bum love amy dame

Bum Love by Amy Dame

Enough gushing already! Here’s this year’s line up:

Mark Bieraugel
Ashley V Blalock
Olisa Corcoran
Amy Dame
Jess De Wahls
Spike Dennis
Nicole Filiatrault
Giddy Girlie
Peg Grady
Erika Hagberg
Becca Hammond
AshFord Harrison
Nano Hernandez
Annette Heully
Sally Hewett
Bascom Hogue
Josephine Huang
Alexander Kain
Billy Kheel
Michelle Kingdom
Barbara Bryn Klare
Katharine Lawrie
Jenny Lee
Rebecca Levi
Robin Mcgeough
Mackenzie Mollo
Matthew Monthei
Carie Musick
Oh Sew Nerdy
Shove Mink aka Croshame
Stephanie Pasa
Miel Rose
Julie Sarloutte
Ellen Schinderman
Heather Marie Scholl
Pete Seäzle
Meghan Willis
Jessika Wood
Wu Stitch
María Lucía Varona
Ben Youdan

I’ll be posting tastes and teases as the show draws closer! Yay!


What a wonderful opening Saturday was! Many thanks to all who came out and to those who purchased works!! And to that end, I want to make sure everybody knows about our online store! All the works – that haven’t already been snatched up – are available online, for purchase, in Twilight Gallery’s STORE! So grab yourself a Dime Bag Daryl Doll,

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.42.40 AM

or a fabulous embroidered portrait of Lee Scratch Perry!

sophie tomlinson - lee scratch perry Read the rest of this entry »

Hey all! I’m curating a second show this year, Put the Needle on the Record, at Twilight Gallery, Seattle! Very excited for this one, all music stuffs! Here’s some basic info:

Put the Needle on the Record at Twilight Gallery, Seattle, will explore the constant connection between visual art and music. They feed back and forth. Images inspire the music and the music surely inspires visuals. Cover art has been a part of the music experience since the first pieces of sheet music were published. Photos and portraits of musicians catch our imagination and allow us to feel what it might have been like to be there, at that show…

Artists, please submit musically themed works – needlepointed album covers, amiguri rockers, embroidered portraits, lyric explored (please push yourself creatively if doing this). All types of stitched work are welcome for submission: knitting, crochet, embroidery (machine, free hand, black work, crewel….), needlepoint, cross-stitch, quilting, plush, appliqué, tapestry, needle felting (i know it’s not stitched, but there’s needles and often blood, so it fully counts!), beading, mixed media (where fiber is a main component)… and any other stitchy forms i’ve forgotten (or woven or threaded or poked), please submit.

Please note we are looking for contemporary interpretations of theme and medium.

Please go HERE for more details.

Here’s another taste of some of the deliciously naughty things that are in Stitch Fetish 3, opening at the Hive Gallery, Saturday, February 7th. So soon!

erika2“Tender Touch” by Erika HagbergJockstitch (worn) - Matthew Monthei“Jock Stitch” by Matthew Monthei Pen15_Pennants“Penis Pennants” by Robert Marbury

See you there!

That’s both my Halloween greeting and my reaction to the fact that I won’t be in San Francisco, Friday night. If you are in the Bay Area, you should absolutely go check out Bad Dads 5 Spoke Art‘s yearly tribute to Wes Anderson. I’m super excited to be in the show, only wish I could be there… But you should go! And dress up as your favorite Wes Anderson character – it is Halloween after all. I’ve seen a bunch of the works already, and the show looks ah-mahzing!

Here’s the flyer:


And my piece, “Boy with Lesbians:”


I’m in a super fun, super fast show opening this weekend in Alhambra, “X-Mans,” at Gallery NucleusBrandon Bird, the curator, found a bad 90’s coloring book, and each artist got to choose a page as inspiration.

The show opens this Sunday afternoon (5/18), with a reception from 2-5, and will be on view Monday (5/19) and Wed (5/21). After that the work should be online, and I’ll post a link, but it looks like a show worth going out to, especially if you’ve never seen Brandon’s paintings in person; they’re fantastic!! And the line up of artists (what I know of it, no published list as of yet) is pretty great (me! Brandon! Dyna Moe! more!).

Here’s my piece, “Xavier Institute for ‘Higher’ Learning:”IMG_4013

And a promo image by Nick James:


Hope to see you Sunday afternoon (thank gods it should be cooler by then)!!

Hey Florida friends!! I have some naughty work in a super show that opens in Orlando this weekend: “50 Shades of Pink,” at the Falcon. Here’s a lovely write up from the Orlando Weekly’s blog!

Sadly I won’t be there, but Morgan Wilson has put together a terrific show, the fantastic Rebecca Rose will be in attendance – with her amazing work, and I’ll be there in spirit, represented by my art.

"off white work - oral #2"

“off white work – oral #2”

If you make it out, have fun and take pictures!!

I know I said I would post photos of the Heathers hankies (recap on the project, the lead in the Off-Broadway production of Heathers: The Musical asked me to make 30 hankies, for her to give out as opening night gifts for the cast of the show), but I’ve been slammed finishing up for Gallery1988’s big 10th anniversary show, and am only now getting them up.

To be honest, I was so tired and rushed, I took kind of crap photos, but here’s the best of them:

 IMG_3923 IMG_3914 IMG_3908 IMG_3906 IMG_3903 IMG_3897 IMG_3895 IMG_3890 IMG_3889 IMG_3885

My favorite line from the movie, which I assumed I would stitch on a hankie, is not  in the musical, so, I’ll just leave you with this singular and profound thought, “Eskimo.”

That’s a thing people actually used to say. Aren’t expressions odd?

I have been craxy busy! Holy moley!! And I’m not complaining, but woof, I’m tired!! So let’s get to it!

This Saturday night is the Hive Gallery’s 9th Anniversary, best of show, which I have a piece in. It’s a new thing I’m trying, I think it will be a series. This one is “Makin’ it: in Hollywood.”


Busy busy stitching away for Gallery1988’s 10th Anniversary show (a biggie), and loving my piece, “The Filthiest Person in the World…”


And then on top of that I got the coolest commission this past week! The lead in Heathers: the Musical contacted me and wanted gifts for the cast for opening night! I cranked out 30 Heathers hankies in the past 48 hours. Here they are drying, I’ll post better photos, once they’re pressed.

IMG_3883 IMG_3882

Okay, back to work!

It’s a very (unintentionally) sci-fi art weekend; I’m in shows tonight and tomorrow and both have pop-culture sci-fi pieces showing, which is kind of funny, as while I certainly made them, I don’t think that’s what I’m known for – come on, there’s no naked!

Regardless, fun show tonight (3/21) at the Rat Factory in Hollywood, MARS BIZARRE: An Alien and UFO Themed Group Art Show, from 7pm-1pm. I’ll be there for about an hour at probably 8:30ish, if you feel like saying, “hi,” and I’ll be showing my tribute to Ray Harryhausen, “Ray Harryhausen – Special Effects Titan.” Here’s a detail:


Saturday, I’m super proud to be showing with Bleicher Gallery at Bergamot Station, in Spectrum-Gestalt. The show opens tomorrow night (3/22), from 6-10. I will be there for most of the evening, though I’ll probably wander and see what else is opening at Bergamot, but I’ll mostly stick near the show. I’m so very excited to be showing there!! My piece, “Live Long and Cross Stitch,” will be on display; here’s a detail of that:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 12.27.33 PM

Super fun shows coming up the first weeks of April, the Hive‘s 9th Anniversary Show and Gallery1988‘s 10th Anniversary (I’ve been showing with them for five of those!), so I hope to see you out and enjoying the weather and art soon.

Happy spring ever’body!

Well, it’s a bit of a rainy day here in LA, but something you could do to brighten your afternoon is get downtown to see Stitch Fetish 2 on it’s final day open!  Wow, did February fly by! Lots of wonderful times at the show, time spent working with the artists, time spent wrangling Wilkinson… and lots of amazing art work! Thanks to all who came, made, bought, blogged…. everything. You all rock my socks off!!

IMG_3610works by Iviva Olenick, Maggie Hunt, and Reavis Eitel

Tonight I’ll be at Flower Pepper Gallery for The Season of Spring, which has gotten mass press and looks to be a crazy show. The talent is off the hook – I’m so honored to be on the list of artists in the show – and the previews I’ve seen are fantastic. The show’s cash and carry, so if you’re wanting an affordable piece by potentially an artist you adore, come early!!

postcard-5inx7in-h-front postcard-5inx7in-h-front

Finally, there’s some new ladies in my store, Lenore and Blanche; lovely, lovely ladies for sale.

DSCF0005 DSCF0008

While I’m still busy wrapping up Stitch Fetish 2, I do have other stuffs on the horizon, and all of a sudden it’s time for The Season of Spring at Flower Pepper Gallery, this Friday 3/1. Curated by Daniel Rolnik (the world’s most adorable critic), this is one hell of a show. The line up of artists is so stellar, not only am I excited to see friends and meet some people whose work I like, but I am honored to be in the same show with quite a few of these people.

postcard-5inx7in-h-front postcard-5inx7in-h-front

We were asked to stitch on 8″x10″ archival paper, which was fun. I’ve done paper work before, but not in a while, and i don’t think anything quite like this.

IMG_3675“Jazz Age Nude as Lakshmi”

Hope to see  you Saturday at Flower Pepper, it should be a doozy!