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I notice a couple people have clicked the link for my Big Cartel store, from when I built it last month… thanks! It’s gone. Wix has added a store, and as my website’s there, my store will be too… momentarily. Really, within days.


Here’s how I art (sometimes):

IMG_7412I find a lady and I chop her up!


I make a pattern and reassemble her. Then I stitch her lines in text!

IMG_7508This is, “Text Lady 5: Tina’s Husband Pt 1,”
text from Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden” (pub 1973)



Not only am I discounting all Pillows in my store by 40% for the month of July (enter the word EQUALITY at checkout), I’m adding stuff daily!

Buy yourself an art prezzie!

Today I added more Pillows, tomorrow I will add new Braille Cards!

I deleted my Etsy account a few months ago… for a bunch of reasons. And as soon as I did, realized I probably should have left it up until I built a new store. But, the button had been pushed.
That’s what happens when you have fits of pique.


Meanwhile, I’ve received some very nice messages, via FB, my website, tumblr, asking prices of works and such, and really, I just needed to get off my ass and deal with it. So… it’s not completely done, I’ve more work to upload (or make the intern upload – I have an intern this summer!!!), but I built a new store! Yea me! It’s a Big Cartel store, and for the moment it’s fairly simple; maybe once I get more available art posted, I’ll play more with design.


So go check it out! I’ll be offering deals on stuff throughout the summer!
Here’s one now: Until the end of July, get 40% off all pillows (I know that’s all that’s there now, but not for long!), when you enter the code, EQUALITY!!!

So much good going on, and so crazy busy, and along with that comes change – which is terrifying and unknown and means more work – but it’s amazing and fantastic! So, I’ve closed my Etsy shop. I will be opening a Big Cartel Shop in the next month or so. Perhaps I should have left the Etsy up while I build the new one (I think now, typing), but, I didn’t, so… I think it will be a better fit in the end.

But have no fear, don’t wring your hands,


works will be available again in a “store” setting soon. And if you see something you like in the meantime (on Instagrams, Turmblr, Ficebook, or Tweeter), just let me know and we can work it out.

The etsy store is stocked with all the pillows now, and i’m busily stitching Hip Hop Braille Cards, which I will put in the shop by the end of the weekend. They make me giggle!

This one says, “I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. – Humpty.”

Almost ready to roll out an actual line of pillows!  Having a photo shoot later this week, putting together a line sheet, will reload the store… Full steam ahead!

Finished up the final pillow in the line this morning – was waiting on a pillow shipment with rectangles.  It’s the first of my Postcard Pillows; this one is tropical.


In the store soon!

Dunno, but you can get dirty, braille Valentines over at me shop!

This one says, “if you fucked me harder, I would love you longer.”