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Consent by Jess de Wahls

This Saturday afternoon, February 27th, is the final day of Stitch Fetish 4 at the Hive Gallery (open 1-6, Wed-Sat). Not only is it your last day to come downtown and see the show in person, we’re having a panel discussion on Gender and Sexuality in Stitch (at 3:30pm) and many of the (local) artists will be in attendance.

If you’re not in the LA area you can stream live – you’ll have to download Periscope and then friend or follow @thehivegallery – and it will be archived online after the fact to watch. I believe streaming live will give you the opportunity to write in questions during the Q&A portion of the panel.

Moderated by curator, Ellen Schinderman (me), the panel participants are: Billy Kheel (who’s just had a solo show in Denver), Emma Rose Laughlin (who was in Stitch Fetish 3 and is a current featured artist at The Hive), past Stitch Fetish artist Luke Haynes (who’s very busy with The Log Cabins of Donald Judd, a show of 50 quilts), and Ashley V Blalock, a multi talented artist and lecturer at California State University, San Bernardino.

This year’s show has been fantastic. There’s some amazing works still available, so come down and see them this week or check it out online. But I hope to see you Saturday, online or in person!


Crazy art prep over here in stitch-fetish-land! Such great work! So excited for Saturday night! The work’s at the gallery, going to unpack today and start laying out; tomorrow and Friday actual hanging, and then Saturday‘s the opening. So crazy that it’s actually here, it was so far in the future for so long and now, here we are!

Finished up my contribution the other night. I wanted to continue working with the large scale cross stitch, but I didn’t want to make a large piece, so I made my first small(er), large scale piece, “Sucker,” 12″x12″:


icheel detail“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Michelle Kingdom

I couldn’t be more excited for Stitch Fetish 3 (only a month away now!!!) and the amazing artists in this year’s show! Here’s the line-up:

Bren Ahearn and Jesse M Kahn
Mark Bieraugel
Ashley Blalock
Josephine Carter
Ruri Clarkson
Ben Cuevas
Denise Felton
Tiff Graham
Erika Hagberg
Ashford Harrison
Luke Haynes
Annette Heully
Sally Hewett
Josephine T. Huang
Billy Kheel
Michelle Kingdom
Emma Rose Laughlin
Katherine Lawrie
Jenny Lee
Kate Madeira
Robert Marbury
Margaret Meyer
Matthew Monthei
Carie Musick
Kevin Muth
Oh Sew Nerdy
Carol Powell
Jaclyn Rose
Julie Sarloutte
Kirsten Schihl
Ellen Schinderman
Heather Marie Scholl
Amy Sheridan
Daniaelle Simonsen
Denise Sullivan
Tamara Tolkin
Meghan Willis
Darcy Yates

It’s going to be an outrageous show; hope to see you there!!

That’s right… it’s back! Stitch Fetish 3 at the Hive Gallery in Downtown, Los Angeles!!!

 Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.54.02 PM


Stitch Fetish 3, at The Hive Gallery, will continue to explore the art of the stitch (a rite and fetish unto itself), revealing the secrets, desires, and obsessions lurking in the mind of the artist.  Works of erotica and titillation! Works of dark fantasy and longing.  Works of secrets never told, but long kept.

Artists, please submit stitchy works of erotica and fetish – feel free to interpret this theme widely.

Makers of all varieties of stitched work are encouraged to submit: knitting, crochet, embroidery (machine, free hand, black work, crewel….), needlepoint, cross-stitch, quilting, plush, appliqué, tapestry, needlefelting (i know it’s not stitched, but there’s needles and often blood, so it fully counts!), beading, mixed media (where fiber is a main componant)… and any other stitchy forms i’ve forgotten (or woven or threaded or poked), please submit!

Please note we are looking for contemporary interpretations of theme and medum.

Submission Details: Eligibility: All artists over 18 are eligible. Work can utilize any medium but must primarily use stitching (or fiber). Works should be no larger than 24”x24” framed (unless you contact me specifically). Works must be wall mountable and ready to hang – sculptural pieces should be no bigger than 24″ at their largest dimension (again, unless you contact me specifically). Work must be original and created after 2012.

For submission dates, details, and entry links, please go HERE.

Well, it’s a bit of a rainy day here in LA, but something you could do to brighten your afternoon is get downtown to see Stitch Fetish 2 on it’s final day open!  Wow, did February fly by! Lots of wonderful times at the show, time spent working with the artists, time spent wrangling Wilkinson… and lots of amazing art work! Thanks to all who came, made, bought, blogged…. everything. You all rock my socks off!!

IMG_3610works by Iviva Olenick, Maggie Hunt, and Reavis Eitel

Tonight I’ll be at Flower Pepper Gallery for The Season of Spring, which has gotten mass press and looks to be a crazy show. The talent is off the hook – I’m so honored to be on the list of artists in the show – and the previews I’ve seen are fantastic. The show’s cash and carry, so if you’re wanting an affordable piece by potentially an artist you adore, come early!!

postcard-5inx7in-h-front postcard-5inx7in-h-front

Finally, there’s some new ladies in my store, Lenore and Blanche; lovely, lovely ladies for sale.

DSCF0005 DSCF0008

So, Wilkinson and I did last looks today at the gallery today… I swear, that man is so easily distracted, it’s a wonder I get anything done!

IMG_3528 IMG_3530First he played with Maggie Hunt’s ET: Entertainment Tonight (his finger’s a bullet!)…

IMG_3531IMG_3536Then he was very busy judging her “Bunny and Clyde” piece…

IMG_3559IMG_3567Then he was, I can only suppose, measuring the breasts on “Angela,” one of my pieces…

IMG_3540IMG_3548but we did finally manage to get some work done.

And it’s finished and fabulous and ready for you to come enjoy tomorrow night!! Can’t wait to see you at the Hive for Stitch Fetish 2!!

Taking the art downtown today to begin the install! Very exciting!

Here’s a sneak peak of one of Judith Pudden‘s pieces. Judith compliments her embroidery with applique work, but the delicate patterned “fabric” she’s stitching into place is Japanese Chiyogami paper.


See you Saturday!

Got busy finishing up my second piece for Stitch Fetish 2 and haven’t posted in a few days…. ooops. Well here’s a little temptation to remind you to come out to the Hive Gallery this Saturday, February 8th. Today’s toothsome treasures are by Matthew Monthei, who’s got a bunch of beardy pieces in the show:

See you Saturday!

Did I mention I have a butler? Well, not really, but Wilkinson the Butler will be buttling Stitch Fetish 2, so, I’m going to pretend, at least for a while, that he’s mine. Here’s a promo we shot for the show and some shots of Wilkinson, obviously on a day off…

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The prep continues! Here’s the official card for Stitch Fetish 2, and one of my pieces for the show, “Angela”  – it’s the image on the card, but w/out text on her!



Couple of fun shows coming up in October! This coming Saturday night, the 5th, is the opening of the Hive Gallery’s tribute to Ray Harryhausen for which I made a red work embroidery (oy, did I embroider).

harryhausen“Ray Harryhausen – Special Effects Titan”
cotton on canvas, 17″x11″ Read the rest of this entry »

No, not as Hollywood said the Mayan’s predicted, but, sadly, the final week of Stitch Fetish is upon us. If you’re in the LA area come down this week and see the show at The Hive. There’s so much great work!

And if you just can’t get there (sigh) the work is available to view and purchase online.

The Hive is open Wed-Sat 1-6, and I’ll be around the gallery Wednesday from 1-3 and Saturday all day, from 1-6. I hope to see you there!