Three very important things to tell you today.  Let’s get going so we have time to cover everything. Pencils ready?

1. Tonight is the debut of my artist in residence wall at the Hive Gallery!  Saturday openings there are always very fun, a big party, with art to boot!  Come by and see my naughty snowflakes!!


2. I’m involved in a charity show at Art Basel Miami, “Flood the Art Market“! Wow!  Not only am I excited to be exhibiting at Art Basil, but the other names in the show kinda blow my mind (enough to allow me to ignore the loss of the letter d in my last name; I’m hoping to get it back soon)! My name is next to Jamel Shabazz’s name on an art flyer; I have his books!


3. There’s only one week left to submit to “Stitch Fetish!”  I’ve been getting some amazing submissions, and the show’s going to be fabulous, but I still want to see your dirty work!